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homemade chicken broth
(only on Sundays)9.00 zł
silesian sour rye soup
with egg, sausage and bacon12.00 zł
mushroom cream soup
with croutons12.00 zł
tomato cream soup
with mozarella12.00 zł
redbeet soup
with croquet14.00 zł

Main dish

pork loin a la Belvedere
with blanched pepper19.00 zł
beef sirloin beaten steak
with champignon mushrooms 39.00 zł
poultry saute filet
in champignon mushroom sauce19.00 zł
with bacon in garlic sauce 29.00 zł
in dill sauce26.00 zł


Greek salad
((iceberg lettuce, pepper, cucumber, tomato, red onion, croutons, feta cheese sauce)015.00 zł
Caesar’s salad with grilled chicken
(iceberg lettuce, parmesan, cucumber, tomato, pepper, croutons, sauce)
Saint Jacob’s salad with grilled pork sirloin
(ruccola, radish sprouts, sirloin with orange)21.00 zł

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